About Us

About Us – We are a company dedicated to the provision of a professional print audit and document management service, additionally offering support to enable organisations to maximise associated savings and efficiencies. We are totally independent from hardware manufacturers and resellers and from software vendors.

It is well known that printing costs are often an uncontrolled / unmanaged element. An organisation will always reap the greatest benefit if a new strategy and / or policy is adopted to make staff aware of costs and furthermore to be accountable for costs they incur. Because of the extensive experience of our team, we are able to support the production, adoption and implementation of business cases needed to drive through the necessary organisational change.

Across the entire public sector, we can offer impartial advice and assistance not just on the benefits of a print or document management strategy but also on the procurement process itself. Furthermore, we can offer suggestions on how to measure savings (cashable and non-cashable) and how to address the cultural change needed within an organisation if the benefits of a change in strategy are to be maximised.

UK Print Audits is proud to say that it has been successful in its bid to become a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) RM6174 (formerly RM3781) Framework Agreement. As a consequence, any Public Sector body is now able to deal directly with the company and be confident of the quality of the product and service.

Within Lot 4 of the Framework Agreement, we can supply not only the provision of a straight-forward audit but also, if required, offer much more in terms of additional services to help your organisation manage its print more effectively and more efficiently. For instance, even our basic audit will give you a proposal on how your print capabilities could change.

No change of a Managed Print Service (MPS) solution is without some degree of turmoil.

We can provide a wide range of services in terms of Project Management during an organisation’s time of change of MPS solution (not least with the difficult aspect of Culture Change) and, just as importantly, in the subsequent Contract Management to help an organisation monitor its savings in order to allow it to prove the worth of that change.

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