What We Do

Services We Provide

UK Print Audits Limited is a well-established company in providing services via framework agreements AND with a STRONG HISTORY in offering advice and guidance to the public sector.

We have a wealth of experience in many related areas, such as –

  • Print Audits
  • Document Management Strategy
  • Building a business case
  • Procurement Support
  • Deployment Support (including project management)
  • Organisation Efficiencies and Savings (Cashable and Non-cashable)
  • Service Reviews
  • Contract Management
  • Validation of cost, efficiency and environmental savings
  • Assisting cultural change within an organisation

What Else We Offer

We are able to provide additional offerings covering many aspects which need to be addressed as part of any organisational change. These include

Comprehensive support in the drafting of a detailed Specification of Requirements

To ensure your aims for change and your eventual solution are fit for purpose

Board-level presentations

To assist senior management to consider strategic options in support of a business case

Assistance on procurement via Framework Agreements

To ensure compliancy with EU Regulations on procurement processes

Cultural Change

To address the creation of new policies to maximise the savings and benefits

Raising staff awareness

To support management with possible staff reticence at new working practices

Project Management

To implement any solution with minimal disruption to the organisation

Contract Management

To support with contractual relationships and billing queries

How to monitor current and future expenditure

To evidence savings – both financial and carbon

Validation of suggested savings by any potential supplier

To audit the assumptions of suppliers bidding for the provision of a print/document solution

Verification of performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators

To confirm the compliance of all parties towards delivering the intended solution

Our Aim

First and foremost, our aim is to produce documentation to support a robust business case which can be used towards a strategic change within an organisation to deliver cost benefits yet still preserve (and even improve) effective service delivery.

We will deliver a totally independent audit which captures the current profile and allows us to put forward a strong, well-constructed proposal that it is supplier-neutral and with clearly defined assumptions for both financial and carbon savings.

The resultant report will be presented by at least one of the company’s Directors, with a copy made available in an electronic or paper format as determined by the client.

What we don’t do

Produce expensive worthless reports

… because that is just a waste of your time and public funds.

Recommend any particular hardware manufacturer or reseller

… because we are mandated to retain our independence as a supplier.

Recommend any particular software

.. because here too we are mandated to retain our independence as a supplier.

Tell you what you must do

… because you know your organisation better than we ever will.


A condition of our standing as a supplier on the Framework Agreements is that we must have no affiliation to any suppler or reseller of either Print Management or Document Management solutions. 

However, we are fully aware of the types of solution from which an organisation can reap significant benefits. We can (and, if asked, will) suggest ways of progressing to achieve a new solution – but only representatives of an organisation itself will be fully aware of the impact of any such change. 

We hope you find the above information helpful, again if you need any further information or wish to comment on the web site or any other aspect of UK Print Audits Limited please see our Contact Us page

Thank you for your time and interest

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