What You Can Expect

The Audit Report

At the end of the process the report would be supplied electronically and as a minimum contain the following:

  • A summary statement of the current situation and the implications of continuing unchanged.
  • A record of all found assets and a plot of their place of use on a floor plan.
  • Analysis of the ratio of assets to users
  • Approximate volumes produced per annum
  • Estimated annual current costs of outputs
  • Feedback and analysis from the one-to-one staff interviews
  • A proposed high-level, supplier-neutral implementation plan with appropriate timelines, advisory recommendations on a balanced deployment of generic hardware and software plus estimated costs.
  • Workflow efficiencies plus financial and carbon savings estimated from the deployment of the proposed solution with data presented at an individual and overall device level.

In all cases the current and estimated figures will be accompanied by an explanation of the assumptions and how they were arrived at.

If it is seen to be more efficient and cost effective to retain an element of the legacy fleet (e.g. a printer/device is relatively young and ‘in-life’) this would be suggested and supported by a costed analysis.

Actual and Projected costs – Assumptions

Current Hardware, Service and Consumables

Running costs will be based on available data from the client and / or manufacturers.

Projected costs – two cost models will be produced

Model One

Will be based on the assumption that volumes and mix of printing / copying will remain the same on the proposed solution.

Model Two

It is our experience that significant volume reduction is achieved through the deployment of new initiatives and / or the implementation of new policies.

In both cases, assumptions will be based on new solutions (or in certain circumstances retained legacy solutions) within the same category in hardware, consumables and maintenance terms.

Additional Services

As part of any refresh of a solution, it is imperative that the client is able to monitor the ongoing savings/costs. If required, we are able to offer advice to clients on how to monitor current and projected expenditure thus enabling them to validate declared savings made by any supplier they may eventually engage.

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