This page documents the Environmental statement of UK Print Audits Limited

At the very core of UK Prints Audits Limited activities is the desire to help its clients not just achieve cashable and efficiency savings but also to minimise the environmental impact of their print and document management activities.

We also recognise and accept our own environmental responsibilities by working towards the standards laid down in ISO 14001 and we are committed to minimising the impact of our own activities on the environment as much as possible. We accept a social and moral responsibility for putting into place environmentally-friendly measures that comply or exceed relevant environmental legislation.

UK Print Audits Limited is committed to environmental policies, one of which is that its staff must travel by public transport whenever possible. As a result, we are proud that over 99% of company mileage is undertaken this way.

  • We actively promote recycling both internally and amongst our customers;
  • Any recommendations from our Consultancy Service include information to help customers understand their current carbon footprint and the potential savings that can be gained by moving to more efficient ways of producing print;
  • Use of technology within the company whenever possible rather than paper;
  • What little paper used within the company is 100% recycled;
  • All our employees are aware of their role in keeping our impact on the environment to the minimum and are encouraged to support improving our performance in any way possible.